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  2020 Online Advertising Rates
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Advertising Types

  • Front Page Advertisement
  • Rotating Banner Advertisement
  • Full Page Advertising Supplement
  • ElectricWeb Newsletter Sponsorship 
  • ElectricWeb Monthly Advertiser Spotlight 
  • ElectricWeb | Blogger RSS Syndicated Blog
  • MyCard Business Card Listing
  • Online Industry Directory
  • ElectricWeb | JobSeeker
  • ElectricWeb | Classifieds 

Exclusive Products

  • ElectricWeb Newsletter 
  • ElectricWeb | Blogger RSS Syndicated Blog
  • MyCard Business Card Directory
  • Online Industry Directories
  • ElectricWeb - Materials Price Guide
  • ElectricWeb | JobSeeker
  • ElectricWeb | Classifieds 

We also offer

  • ElectricWeb - Materials Price Guide
  • Electrical contractor demographic profiling
  • Targeted opt-in e-mail bursts
  • Online industry surveys
  • Targeted, custom advertising packages

How to place an Ad

There are many other advertising options avaialable. Contact your ElectricWeb account executive or our sales department Advertising@TheElectricWeb.com to discuss an advertising package and develop an Internet marketing strategy which will address your unique business needs.

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